About Aikido

A great many things have been said and written about Aikido. About its origin, history, performance, spirit and relevance. Yet no words or descriptions will capture more than a shadow of its essence.

The only way to know is to do.

The only way to do is to immerse into the continuous practice of a few basic, simple and holistic principles. From that will unfold, in one’s individual timing and capacity, the personal understanding of the meaning and merits of Aiki.

In a general sense it can be described as physical manifestations of natural laws of body and mind; movement, gravity, bio mechanics, senses, psychology, intuition, time.

In working to understand those laws we work to understand ourselves; the spiritual and physical impact on the world around us and on the one within.

And then, of course, we throw each other across the room and fight with wooden swords and sticks as well.